Attica'S family wishes to say "Thank You" !

To:  Jerry and Amanda detrick
I'm sorry that it has taken me this long to say, "Thank you to
Jerry and Amanda Detrick!  When she needed a home, you opened your doors.  She felt good at your house.  I know she would have liked more room to have the kids around, but I don't think she really wanted to get too far from you guys.  I realize in the short time we had together, you were very much like Attica.  Whatever, you guys did for her, was from your heart.  I remember the times she talked about you and your upcoming wedding.  Thank you for being the shelter and HOME that Attica needed during those last months, I will always be indebted to both of you. "   As well, thank you for taking care of Nathan as well, he appears burly on the outside, but he has a big heart.  I felt bad that I couldn't do more for him, but I was there to see the way she lit up when he came into her hospital room.  Again, sorry for my delay, I have been taking one day at a time.  None of this will ever seem real to me,,, but I sent you my love! Melody E. Koert-Saul


To:  Nathan

What she meant to say....


"Treasured friend, I'm glad I found you;
Our friendship is a gift we shared.
I could be myself around you,
safe in your love and care.
I missed you when you were out of sight.
Our friendship bond was meant to be.
Through fun and fears, play and tears,
we helped each other heal and grow.
I'll prize the days, the years, more than you will ever know.
Just harmony for me and you, the two of us a perfect blend,
LOVE-to my dearest friend".


 To:  Steven J. Saul, MD.,
"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it".   I heard you say, "She was "my" daughter," you were there when it meant the most!

To: Melissa and Bobby Howell,
Attica was more than a relative to you two, we all knew you loved her. She felt the same way!

Thank you to Christopher

Christopher, On the day that I needed support the most, you were my rock!  Even now, you keep me going! Posted by Melody Koert-Saul of Lelystad Netherlands

Flowers In Hand

Beau, Too young to understand, but one day we shall all make your mother known to you!

Posted by Melody Koert-Saul ofLelystad , NL November 2,2009

We would like to take this time to personally thank Robert, Jean, Melissa, Bobby, Timothy, Karla and Logan Howell for loving Attica and being with us during the most devastating day of our lives. A special thank you to Nathanial Norris (a loved one) , MariaCarmen Gutierrez, (Fiance' of Charles Saul) Dr. Steven J. Saul and Ronald Koert. Bonds that tie, cannot be broken by time or death!

Posted by
Melody Koert-Saul (Mother-of Attica) and Marcel Koert of Lelystad , NL November 2,2009.
On behalf of: Charles S. Saul, Joleen Andre'a and Murad Al Zamara.